Reduce Risk • Enhance Efficiency • Lower Costs

Reduce Risk and Lower Costs Without an In-Person Sales Call!


CRC Risk Reduction Mobile™ (R2M™) is the newest enhancement of the award-winning CRC Risk Reduction Partnership Plan™ (R2P2™) designed specifically to reduce costs and minimize risks associated with the acquisition, use and disposal of maintenance chemicals. R2P2™ helps businesses identify and simplify confusing cost generators, minimize MRO chemical ownership costs, and also achieve maximum regulatory compliance.

With our new mobile program, you can now receive an assessment of your maintenance chemical inventory without needing an in-person sales call! Simply use your mobile device to receive the same invaluable benefits from CRC to help decrease risk and identify cost savings opportunities.

3 Easy Steps:

1.  Upload images of maintenance chemicals (typically stored in yellow flammable cabinets).

Multiple products can be grouped together. Please ensure products are turned forward so the labels are clear.

2.  Complete the form below.

3.  CRC does the rest!


Within 2-3 business days CRC will provide:

  • A complete survey of the existing inventory with recommended CRC products.
  • A cost savings document highlighting SKU reductions, vendor consolidation and the CRC S.D.[L.]® Safety Data Label.
  • A follow-up communication from a CRC expert to review the survey, answer any questions and discuss next steps.
  • Additional CRC solutions that may offer further cost savings.

Are you an Authorized Distributor of CRC products or a Manufacturer/Facility that uses maintenance chemicals in your operations?