StopLight? Food Safety Program

CRC Stoplight Food Safety Program is a visual labeling program that ensures maintenance employees use and store MRO Chemicals in the proper locations. 

The Stoplight™ Program involves the use of colour-coded stickers placed on CRC MRO Chemiacls to determine where the products can be used, who may use these products, and where they should be stored.

The colour coding provides flexibility within the program, and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any company involved in the food processing and handling supply chain.

Using the elements of the Risk Reduction Partnership Plan™, CRC will supply your Maintenance Department with industry-leading product performance, provide your Food Safety Team with 3rd Party certification of these products, and enable the plant to reduce the number of products used.


  • Helps PREVENT food contamination.
  • Assists companies engaged in the processing of food products in the handling, evaluation and control of maintenance chemicals.
  • Will become a valuable component of your facility’s HAZARD ANALYSIS CRITICAL CONTROL POINT – HACCP – PROGRAM.
  • Is an element of CRC’s award winning RISK REDUCTION PARTNERSHIP PLAN™, which includes chemical management, product consolidation, hazard identification, and control measures, and application support to ensure proper product usage, minimize risks and costs, and maximize regulatory compliance.
  • Non-food compounds and application areas are coded RED, YELLOW, or GREEN.  Each facility makes their own determination to colour code processing areas, applications, and products.
  • Our team of specially trained CRC employees is available to begin working with you to implement the Risk Reduction Partnership Plan™, and our Stoplight™ Food Safety Program within your facility.


Contact a CRC Representative for more information about our free value-added Stoplight™ Food Safety Program.