MRO Chemicals Risk Reduction Partnership Plan?

CRC is committed to providing our customers with value-added services through the Risk Reduction Partnership Plan™. CRC, together with distribution, works with our key end-users to improve the overall management of their MRO chemicals and provide them with documented cost savings.

This award winning program was designed specifically to reduce costs and minimize risks associated with the acquisition, use and disposal of maintenance chemicals. The Risk Reduction Partnership Plan™ will help identify and sort out confusing cost generators. By combining resources to minimize MRO chemical ownership costs, CRC achieves maximum regulatory compliance while creating significant value.

For MRO Chemicals, there are four main drivers to cost:

  1. Regulatory: Permits, Reporting & Disposal
  2. Safety: Flammability & GHS Compliance
  3. Transactional: Single Source through Distribution
  4. Manufacturing Efficiency: Maximize Productivity & On-Time Delivery

CRC Risk Reduction Partnership Plan™ - 5 Step Process:

1.  Develop Risk Reduction Plan

  • Determine company or department goals and target improvement areas

2.  Conduct Product Survey

  • Conduct an in-depth survey to analyze product use and applications

3.  Recommend Process Improvements

  • Identify product duplication and risks
  • Maximize compliance
  • Improve productivity

4.  Product Support and Training

  • On-site support and training provided by experienced sales team Safety training with “Safety Shorts” seminars

5.  Provide Value Documentation

  • Evaluate total ownership costs
  • Quantify and document savings


Contact a CRC Representative to find out how we can help you manage your MRO Chemicals.