CRC Canada Co. is a leader in the automotive and car care industry supplying the number one, original brake parts cleaner, Brākleen® to professional technicians and DIY’ers across the country.  and for 30 years, thousands of technicians and DIYers have relied on CRC?products for fast and effective service solutions. CRC’s broad?automotive product offering includes specialty chemicals for these major service categories:?brakes, electrical system, fuel system, engine, cooling system, transmission and drive train, and power steering system. CRC?also supplies general purpose lubricants and penetrants, cleaners and degreasers, corrosion protectants, tools and shop supplies, and appearance products. We have a large line of products for diesel and heavy truck needs. Recognizable product lines include Brakleen, Brake Parts Cleaner, SensorKleen MAF Sensor Cleaner, Clean-R-Carb, Fiberlock Head Gasket & Block Repair, QD Electronic Cleaner, White Lithium Grease, Knock'er Loose, amongst other well known product names.